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Welcome to PPPJ 2013

PPPJ'13 is the 10th edition in the PPPJ series. PPPJ will bring together researchers, teachers, practitioners and programmers, who study or work with the Java platform. In particular, PPPJ'13 focuses on the interaction between virtual machine technology and different programming languages that target the Java platform.


PPPJ'13 is organized by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). The PPPJ'13 conference takes place at the DHBW Stuttgart.

PPPJ 2013 News:

Next PPPJ:   September 23-26, 2014, Cracow, Poland

2013-09-16: PPPJ'13 has ended.

2013-08-12: Program published.

2013-07-02: Accepted Papers published.

2013-06-28: Registration open.

2013-05-28: Submission deadline has been extended:

  - May 30: Abstracts due (23:59 anywhere on earth)
  - June 06: Submissions due (23:59 anywhere on earth)

2013-04-03: Andrey Breslav, lead language designer at JetBrains, gives the Keynote about Kotlin: Challenges in JVM language design.

2013-03-28: Thomas Wuerthinger, Senior Research Manager at Oracle Labs, gives the Keynote about Truffle: A Self-Optimizing, Multi-Language Runtime System.

2013-03-11: Paul Sandoz, Oracle Java-8 team, gives the Keynote about Java-8 and Java-9.

2013-02-13: The web-site goes online.


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